St George Edgbaston


02 August

Church reopening

We have restarted services at St George’s, with either Mattins or Holy Communion at 10:30am each Sunday.  Services are held in the North Aisle with seating provided on chairs, spaced at least 1 metre apart (single or combined household groups are welcome to move chairs closer together in rows). Music is provided by Phil Ypres-Smith and the responses will be spoken by the congregation. The wearing of a face covering inside the building is strongly recommended; from 8 Auguat the wearing of face coverings will be required by legislation. We have limited access to other parts of the church to control the areas that can be cleaned effectively with our limited volunteer resources.

The series of 8am Morning Prayer in traditional language by telephone conference will continue.

The church will be open for private prayer from 11am to 1pm on Wednesdays and Fridays during August.

16 November


If ever there was a most appropriate time for an Appeal, it is now, starting this autumn.

You can’t help but have noticed, in the past few months, how very dark it is at the East end of the church.   Almost all of the lights in the Chancel, Choir stalls and Sanctuary have failed, leaving only 3 of the Altar spotlights for illumination. 

The current lighting system, which was installed in 1991, is now at the end of its life.

It actually started to fail in 2014 with many of the high level lamps no longer functioning.  The outdated fixtures were difficult to repair or replace and repair costs began to rise significantly because of the high placement of some of the lamps in the roof.

When the North Aisle lamps failed as well, we were forced to proceed with an emergency repair of the up and down lighting fixtures in order to continue to use this valued community space.  The results have been met with much enthusiasm and have shown us that the use of the new age LED lights is the answer for the future, aesthetically and financially.

We have met with the lighting contractors and have asked for installation of some temporary lighting to see us through the Christmas period and into the New Year.  We will then concentrate our efforts on securing a design plan which we can work towards, even if it is in increments.

Please …. BE AN ANGEL ….and give us your support as we start our Appeal for a much improved lighting system for St George’s.  Your gift will make such a huge difference to bringing our light back.

Please see Nick Gibbs, Churchwarden or the Lighting Group: Simon Kirby, David Hill or Carol Couse for more details of how you can become an Angel of St George’s.