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Christian Learning 

Whether you're interested in the faith, unsure about your beliefs, or are a lifelong Christian looking to grow in understanding, there is something at St George's for you. St George's also hosts formation for lay and ordained ministry for Church of England Birmingham.



Going deeper in the faith

From autumn 2023, a new group for those preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. 

Five sessions:

(1) Confirmation (4th Oct)

Its meaning - as a Sacrament - as commission for Discipleship

(2) Being a Disciple (8th Nov)

Calling - Service - Study - Prayer


(3) Church Membership (6th Dec)

Ministries - Stewardship - Being Anglican


(4) Spirituality (TBC)

Finding spiritual companionship - Groups - Confession & Anointing

(5) Mission & Evangelism (TBC)

Sharing faith: at work, at home, at church

Everyone is welcome. You don't need to know anything beforehand to take part. Contact Fr Sam to find out more.

St George's Talks

Autumn 2023 Programme Available

An annual series of relaxed lectures exploring Christianity and 21st century life, with some leading thinkers from across the Christian tradition. People of all faiths and beliefs are welcome. Read the latest programme.

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