Students at St George's

A home away from home

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Students & Younger Adults

A group of students choose to make St George's their church home each year.


There is a growing number of younger adults 18-40 in church, many graduates of the local universities.

Students and younger adults meet regularly for meals, prayer and social events.

We are close to the Vale student village, on the way to Five Ways supermarket and Broad Street!

We can't offer a huge, fancy student network but what we do really well is:

Inclusivity: we are LGBTQI+ friendly and welcome all.

Hospitality: our congregation befriend students and people often comment that we are a home away from home.

Friendship: you will really get to know people and be known here.

Pastoral care: we accompany people through the ups and downs of life and provide a genuine listening ear.

Opportunity: a place to explore your calling, serve, and find out about yourself and God.

Get Involved

If you're a student come and say hello, either on a Sunday morning or email

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