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Pew Sheet 04/02/2024

Good afternoon


Please find: 

  • The latest notices 

  • An appeal for Miroslava, who is on our prayer list. 


Fundraising Appeal for Mirka's surgery, organized by Stuart Curbishley:



Fundraising Campaign for Mirka's surgery, led by Bertrand Hubert:


Dear Friends,

Thank you for taking the time to read, first, the Fundraising Appeal organised by Doctor Curbishley.

  My forty-year-old closest Friend Miroslava Blahova (Mirka) suffers daily with debilitating and life-limiting internal injuries due to Endometriosis and Neurovascular Entrapment.

  Over the five blessed years that we have known each other, I have witnessed the deterioration of her health accelerated recently by the significant worsenings of these two conditions, to the extent that she is to undergo urgently, on Monday the 26th of February, a risky surgical intervention.

   Having been let down by Czech Insurance Companies, she has not managed, despite Doctor Curbishley's Appeal, to obtain enough financial support to help her meet the heavy costs of this complex surgery. I am therefore asking whether you could, please, kindly help her pay the initial cost (due next Friday the 2nd of February) of the many aspects of this operation expected to amount, in the end, to a total between £35,000 & £45,000, depending on what will need to be done on the day and faced subsequently throughout a lengthy convalescence.

  Apologising for the lateness of my plea, I look forward to your offering, whatever amount you may be kind enough to contribute to Doctor Curbishley's Fundraising Appeal. 

  Thanking you in anticipation, I will be available to answer any questions you may have on:

+44 7453 708208

from 10.30am everyday of this week.

    Kindest regards and warm wishes,

        Bertrand HUBERT


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