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Pew Sheet 26/10/2023

Please find attached:

  • the latest pew sheet

  • A poster for the fundraising social on Sunday 19 November.

Lorraine and Bill had news of Ryan and Cey's cycle journey late last week:

They arrived in Istanbul as planned last Wednesday had 2 days rest there., leaving on Saturday heading towards the southern coast of Turkey (Asian side) and have just heard they've made it to the coast and take ferry tomorrow for Cyprus...

Tuesday 24 October:

Just to let you know that our son in law, Ryan and his colleague Cey, arrived safely in Northern Cyprus last night. On Saturday, the last leg of their 2700 miles journey finished at a resort close to the family's heart when their daughter was small. They are recuperating for the next few days before flying home next Saturday. Many thanks to everyone for keeping them in their thoughts and prayers over the last 4 weeks during their epic trip.

Notices 231029 final
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